About Matt at Zam Photography

My name is Matt Zamarron, hence the shortened Zam Photography name.  I enjoy shooting with my camera and shoot many things including landscapes, sports, nature, but I really enjoy portrait photography.  It is an awesome feeling when someone adores the image you captured of them or their loved ones.  In this smartphone era, everyone has a good camera with them at all times.   My goal is to use my photographer skills to not just take a picture.  I want to capture a lasting memory of your loved ones that you will look back at one day on the wall of your home or office and simply, smile.  I have a wife and three kids that I spend all my time with when I'm not working as a teaching high school engineering or math classes.  I would love to work with you.  Feel free to ask questions and let me know your ideas.  I'll work with you!

My Goal:

Zam Photography's goal is to try my best to get to know you and help you be comfortable for your photo shoot or your wedding day.  I want to make you and your family lasting memories that can be seen in your home or office.  Although we live in a digital age, high quality, long lasting, beautiful prints to share forever are my goal.